Matter of the Heart Hypnosis


Having a baby is one of the most natural, normal processes a woman can experience. Through Birthing As Nature Intended (B.A.N.I.) a mother understands and develops a confidence that her body was created to conceive, grow, and birth her baby perfectly. When left to follow its natural process, childbirth can be calm, peaceful, and comfortable.  Does this sound like a bold statement to make?  I have been teaching hypnosis for birth for over ten years and have seen moms and babies have wonderfully serene births.  Including the births of both of my grandsons.  

 In the B.A.N.I. childbirth education, birth is about moms, dads, and babies.  Mom learns how her body is designed perfectly to birth her baby perfectly.  When trusting and working with her body and her baby, mom can relax, breath, and visualize to create that comfortable, natural birth that nature intended.

 In the course, moms, dads, and birth partners learn about birth and the woman’s body, as well as the questions to ask to ensure every decision they make is a well-educated one.  And if her birth should take a different path than she had planned, mom with the support of her birth partner can work with her health care provider to ensure her baby is birthed most optimally for her and her baby.

 The B.A.N.I. course consist of four 2 – 2 1/2 hour classes, which can be flexed if necessary.  The B.A.N.I. book, birthing and relaxation scripts, and birthing/relaxation CD’s are provided, along with a complete childbirth education for a normal, natural birth.  Classes can be instructed in a group or individual setting. 

So, when is the best time to start the B.A.N.I. course?  Because the more we practice what we want, the more quickly and easily our mind and body will respond to achieve our desired goal, the earlier you start the better.  Bringing a time of relaxation, breathing, and visualization to your every day will only benefit the health of you and your baby.  An optimal time to begin your classes is around 24 weeks, and if you’re already closer to your estimated baby date then no time is too late!