Hypnotherapy – Service


Hypnotherapy is the clinical use of hypnosis to quiet the conscious mind and facilitate change. Through a diversified, client-centered protocol of breathing, relaxation, and visualization I guide my client to enhance goal achievement, create desired change, release problems or causes of problems, and/or enhance personal or spiritual growth.

As with all hypnosis the use of clinical hypnosis is self-hypnosis and through the applied techniques of hypnotherapy, the choice for change is yours.  As a certified hypnotherapist, I have been trained to guide you through a variety of diversified relaxation and visualization protocols to meet your specific needs.   

Hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goals of weight reduction, smoking cessation, or changing other non-productive habits.  Hypnosis and the purposeful use of self-hypnosis, which I always teach all my clients, can help you to find better sleep, manage stress, as well as reduce or manage pain.

Pain Management ~ If you’re seeking a way to reduce or manage chronic pain, I will need to have a doctor’s release or referral to work with you.  Pain is the body’s way of telling us when something is wrong.  Hypnosis can be very effective in mitigating pain and I would never want to help you to remove or reduce pain without knowing the cause and ensure you are receiving the appropriate medical treatment from your care provider.  I am willing to answer any questions he or she may have. 

Stress Management ~ Stress affects us in many ways, and is a normal part of our lives.  Some stress can help us to grow and is healthy or beneficial, also known as Eustress.  Too much stress, or stress that isn’t beneficial becomes distressful to us.  We know this type of stress can cause all kinds of problems for us, from sleeplessness, eating too much or too little, lack of motivation, to impacting our health.  Learning how to calm our mind, relax our body, and allow ourselves to release stress, can help to mitigate the negative effects of stress.