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Resilience Training for Law Enforcement Officers

As a leader of a law enforcement agency, I don’t need to tell you the many challenges you are confronted with in creating and maintaining an organization that efficiently and effectively provides security and service to the community you serve.

A major part of being successful in this charge is equipping your employees with the best tools to carry out their mission. With the increase in demands on law enforcement comes the increase in the physical and mental impact on our responsibilities.

As a result, law enforcement health and wellbeing has become one of the major concerns of the 21st century.

I will bring to your employees a customized training that will equip them with tools they can begin using immediately to better manage and mitigate the effects of the ever-increasing pressures they are facing daily.

As a trainer and coach, I bring the understanding and experience gained in my former career as a member of the California Highway Patrol, combined with my knowledge and skills as a facilitator with the Sherman Block Supervisor Leadership Institute, to provide a relevant, engaging, informative training for your employees.

We all know how critical incidents can impact an officer. We also know it is the day-to-day encounters that can actually cause more stress and wear down our resilience, making us more vulnerable to the trauma of a critical incident.

We are all familiar with that public contact where the individual displays his displeasure verbally, escalating the contact. Although there is no physical confrontation, the officer automatically increases her situational awareness ready to respond to any indication of a physical threat. Involuntarily, adrenaline dumps, her heart and respiratory rate increases, and her muscles tense. The contact is concluded with nothing more than a verbal discourse, yet the officer leaves with her physiology still in “flight or fight” mode.

Typically, it takes several hours for our bodies and minds to reset after an encounter like this. Unfortunately, we are not typically afforded that time between calls and we respond to the next incident carrying the baggage of the last call.

We provide our LEOs with a duty belt loaded with officer safety equipment, a bullet- proof vest, helmet, and officer safety techniques to help protect them physically.

We can also provide them with evidence-based techniques to help build their mental and emotional resilience to help protect them mentally.

Techniques they can use immediately after an incident that can reset them back to neutral, so they respond to the next incident with clearer thinking. Techniques they can use in the moment to increase their situational awareness, improve their decision-making, and have quicker thought processes and physical response.

Regular practice and use of the techniques will increase their base-line resilience so these incidents have less of an effect. As well as increase their ability to recover from more traumatic incidents.

As a certified HeartMath© Resilience Advantage™ trainer, I will bring a training supported by over 20 years of scientific research that will teach your employees how to better manage stress and its physiological effects in the moment, build more resilience to the effects of future stress, and reset quicker after a stress-triggering incident.

The benefits to your employees will include increased situational awareness and access to intuitive decision-making, improved sleep resulting in increased resilience and vitality, and an enhance ability to focus, process information, and problem solve.

The benefits to your organization is an increase in morale, reduction in use of sick time and work-related injuries, and happier, healthier employees better able to meet the demands being in law enforcement requires of them. More resilient employees translates into a reduction in citizen complaints and personnel actions.

The tools and techniques your employees will learn will be available for them to implement immediately, either individually or in a peer-supported group.

Through my trainings, I offer a variety of options to best suit your organizational needs. Trainings can be presented into a three to four hour block, all-day or multi-day trainings, or group workshops.

Contact me today to see how working together can enhance your agency’s organizational performance and wellness.